Magnet Danger Sign

lhc Panorama.png

'Alice Detector'

Alice collider grayscale.png

'Alice Detector'

Cern data centre.png

Data Storage Units


Magnet for 'Elena Collider'



CMS data collection.png

Data Cables

CMS Pano.png

'CMS Detector'

antimatter factory.png

'Antiproton Decelerator'

control room.png

Control Room

data 2.png

Data Storage


Older Data Storage

Scientist working in antimatter factory.

Scientist working in the Antimatter Factory

LEIR ring.png

'AD' Antiproton Decelerator

first accelerator.png

First Experimental Hadron Collider


Before starting the list of references, it is important to state that most of the data collected for this documentation were collected throughout the duration of the Cern trip organised by the 'Faculty of Sciences' back in May.


Individuals who were with us throughout the trip or met along the tour who provided us which information are mentioned below;

  • Dr Louis Zammit Mangion

  • Professor Giacinto De Cataldo

  • PhD student Christian Grech

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the above Academics for their valuable guidance and help.

  • Peters, A. J. (2016, December 8). Evolution of Data and Storage Infrastructures[PDF]. CERN openlab technical workshop.

  • J. Alvarez-Muniz. (2011, May 19). Proton-Nucleus Collisions at the LHC[PDF]. C. A. Salgado.

Other sources were taken from the CERN website. The website consists of an archive of information available to all of the public. Website is hyperlinked below;